In these times of youth climate marches and environmental role models still in their teens, any youngster growing up today might feel as if it’s upon their still underdeveloped shoulders that the weight of the world rests.

Yet while their shouts reverberate across the seas from U.N. Summit halls and political podiums, the kids’ message is one of positivity, hope, and strength. As parents and peers, it is our prerogative to nurture, inspire and empower these young activists to rise to the challenge.

This perspective of hope and positivity weaves its way throughout Indosole’s mission. By finding better, less impactful materials, repurposing yesterday’s waste into the resources of tomorrow and continually analyzing our path, we also hope to inspire in all we do. Our footwear is handcrafted using bespoke, zero-emissions machinery and to the highest standards. Waterproof, secure, highly durable and comfortable, this allows your little tribe to explore the world in the best way possible: completely immersed in every experience, climbing, playing, running, from sea and sand to suburb and city.

Viewing the world when you’re three feet tall, it is filled with the wonders of the unknown, a kaleidoscope of experiences unfurling before innocent eyes. It’s important as educators to proffer our knowledge, but it is equally as important to encourage the chasing of dreams.

We believe that some of our biggest challenges hold some of the greatest potential for positivity and change. Crafting our soles from the ground-down tires of tens of thousands of vehicles and diverting them from landfill or highly toxic incineration, we address negative issues with positive solutions. We see opportunity in the simplicity of an altered perspective.

That is why Indosole has created its Groms & Toddlers range, a selection of versatile flip flops that will support your kids through every footstep. We want to inspire the next generation, both in the places they explore and the awareness they develop.

With superb arch support, durable, waterproof construction and a rainbow of color choices to match their personalities, our flip flops allow your children to run free and explore the world from city to sand, and help to build a brighter, cleaner world for them to thrive in.

Denis Waitley once stated that “the greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence”. Ecologically manufactured and designed for life’s many adventures, our Groms & Toddlers range is the culmination of this philosophy.

With innocent enthusiasm, the future can become a radiant destination of endless potential. The juvenile mind sees a world of idealism, a multicolored place of black and white solutions, of rights and wrongs and no grays in between. This clarity nurtures new solutions, a mindset in which ideas thrive, change begins, and potential awaits.

The naivete of youth is an innocence that we should foster and nurture as much as possible. Because in those innocent eyes lies the potential for a beautiful tomorrow.

It’s a great, wide world that unfolds beneath our first, tentative steps; a world of wonder, of possibility, of hope.


Liberate your Groms. Durable & waterproof for every adventure, with the all support little growing feet need.






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